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Microgreen Seed Suppliers In Other Countries (Africa,…)

microgreen seed suppliers other countries

We have gathered microgreen seed suppliers in other countries (Africa,..). We are still fulfilling the list, but you can check what suppliers we have included. Please stay tuned.

Below are suppliers from all countries, that have not been included in any out of 4 series on microgreen suppliers around the world (AMERICA, EUROPE, OCEANIA, ASIA).

Starting with South Africa. I was really surprised when I found out that in South Africa, microgreens are really well known. There are several small running businesses that are growing microgreens for their living. A microgreen grower, from Mauritius, has told me that cutted and prepacked microgreens, that are selling in Mauritius, are coming from South Africa. Really fascinating, and encouraging, that people found their own ways, how and where to sell it. We all can benefit from each other, or get some new ideas in this way.

We will update the list as soon as we find suppliers from countries that have not been listed before.

Here are suppliers from South Africa:

company: Living seeds
country: South Africa 
website: https://livingseeds.co.za/sprout-and-microgreen-seed?limit=100
contact: orders@livingseeds.co.za
status: reseller
seed varieties: 30+
type of seeds: conventional
selling in bulk: yes
where they ship: international
company: Durant’s Heirloom Seeds
country: South Africa
website: http://durandtsheirloomseeds.co.za/product-category/sprouts-microgreens/
contact: info@durandtsheirloomseeds.co.za
status: seller
seed varieties: 30+
type of seeds: organic
selling in bulk: yes
where they ship: N/A
other: company of 11-year old boy

microgreens seeds suppliers

company: Umuthi
country: South Africa
website: https://umuthi.co.za/
contact: sales@umuthi.co.za
status: seller
seed varieties: 45+
type of seeds: untreatened/organic
selling in bulk: yes
where they ship: national
other: contact them for larger quantities
company: Shalom Agriculture
country: South Africa
website: http://www.shalomagriculture.com/seed-micro-greens.php
contact: info@shalomagriculture.com <info@shalomagriculture.com>;
status: reseller
seed varieties: 30+
type of seeds: conventional
selling in bulk: yes
where they ship: n/a
company: Seeds of Africa
country: South Africa
website: https://www.seedsforafrica.co.za/pages/sprouting-microgreen-seeds
contact: seeds@seedsforafrica.co.za
status: reseller
seed varieties: 60+
type of seeds: non GMO, 
selling in bulk: yes
where they ship: national

microgreens seeds suppliers

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