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Many people who started growing microgreens just have so many questions and are looking all over to find answers that will help them. With our course you will get all what you need to know to start from zero or even further on the line with your knowledge.

Our detailed step-by-step approach to growing like a pro from the start
Dozens of easily-made mistakes could completely change your thinking with microgreens. Our techniques and processes are easy to adopt and provide perfect results, so that you will be able to grow microgreens like a pro.
A community of people like you that have your back
You’ll face problems from growing microgreens techniques and business itself. The community and React Green Team will fix them for you in no time flat.
Gold nuggets
much more
You will gain our advanced techniques and solutions to the most common problems in the growing process.

4 Modules Included

Learn how you can start growing Microgreens. Whether for home growing, as a beginner or for profits.

Growing Microgreens - Basics

Intro into microgreens, seeds, supplies and how to grow 15+ varieties with step by step video approach.

Growing Microgreens - For business

Case Study and best practices for business. How to grow more advanced 15+ varieties.

Edible Flowers And
Wild plants

Guide to edible flowers & wild plants

Microgreen Master - Gold Nuggets

Growing techniques & more 

Course Content Full Overview

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Module 1: Chapter 1 – Introduction to this module

Module 1: Chapter 2 – A brief introduction to microgreens

Module 1: Chapter 3 – Benefits of Microgreens & where to use them 

Module 1: Chapter 4 – The setup 

Module 1: Chapter 5 – Supplies, soil, seeds and tools that you need 

Module 1: Chapter 6 – How/where can you grow microgreens

Module 1: Chapter 7 – Seeds in general

Module 1: Chapter 8 – Why microgreens are perfect for children

Module 1: Chapter 9 – How to grow microgreens? Taste & for children.

Module 1: Chapter 10 – How to grow microgreens? Spicy varieties.

Module 1: Chapter 11 – How to grow microgreens? Herbs.

Module 2: Chapter 1 – Introduction to this module

Module 2: Chapter 2 – Market research

Module 2: Chapter 3 – Administrative approach & licenses and permits

Module 2: Chapter 4 – Starting budget

Module 2: Chapter 5 – Effort and time management 

Module 2: Chapter 6 – Considering help/partner from the beginning

Module 2: Chapter 7 – Trial and test period is very important

Module 2: Chapter 8 – Living vs. harvested microgreens

Module 2: Chapter 9 – Set up for business

Module 2: Chapter 10 – Supplies and tools

Module 2: Chapter 11 – Soil and other growing mediums

Module 2: Chapter 12 – Seeds in general

Module 2: Chapter 13 – Sales Pitch Points

Module 2: Chapter 14 – Approach on how to get your customers – Farmers market

Module 2: Chapter 15 – Approach on how to get your customers – Restaurants & Hotels

Module 2: Chapter 16 – Approach on how to get your customers – Helathy stores & Retailers

Module 2: Chapter 17 – Approach on how to get your customers – Restaurants & Hotels

Module 2: Chapter 18 – Delivery

Module 2: Chapter 19 – How to grow microgreens? Bigger & stronger.

Module 2: Chapter 20 – How to grow microgreens? Colour.

Module 2: Chapter 21 – How to grow microgreens? Yellow.

Module 2: Chapter 22 – How to grow microgreens? Specialities.

Module 2: Chapter 23 – After sales service / care

Module 2: Chapter 24 – Reorders and maintaining business

Module 2: Chapter 25 – Scaling and growing the business

Module 2: Chapter 26 – Decorating ideas & where to use them

Module 3: Chapter 1 – Introduction to this module

Module 3: Chapter 2 – Time and season for planting and sowing edible flowers

Module 3: Chapter 3 – Harvesting period

Module 3: Chapter 4 – Edible flowers – Group 1 – Fragnance

Module 3: Chapter 5 – Edible flowers – Group 2 –  Flavour

Module 3: Chapter 6 – Edible flowers – Group 3 – apperance

Module 3: Chapter 7 – Dried edible flowers

Module 3: Chapter 8 – Wild plants intorduction

Module 3: Chapter 9 – How to grow microgreens? Taste & for children.

Module 3: Chapter 10 – List of edible wild plants – leaves

Module 3: Chapter 11 – List of edible wild plants – sea plants

Module 3: Chapter 12 – List of edible wild plants – berries/fruits/roots

Module 3: Chapter 13 – Decorating ideas & where to use them

Module 4: Chapter 1 – Introduction to this module

Module 4: Chapter 2 – Cut the growing time in half

Module 4: Chapter 3 – Small containers

Module 4: Chapter 4 – Domes

Module 4: Chapter 5 – Growing calendar

Module 4: Chapter 6 – Density chart

Module 4: Chapter 7 – Mini flies

Module 4: Chapter 8 – Problems and solutions

Module 4: Chapter 9 – Our top advices

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Microgreens MasterClass

$ 349
  • From basics to advance knowledge
  • To become No. 1 in your town/country
  • 4 modules included
  • We will plant 1o trees for each course
  • Private FB group

With your help, we are growing our own forest! 

We really are passionate about being environmentaly friendly. And what’s more, we want to leave behind us better planet for our youngest. That is why we have partnered with TreeSisters and we are going to plant 10 TREES for each PURCHASED COURSE.

tree sisters


What our customers and readers say


Most frequent questions and answers

For beginners who are just discovering what microgreens are and would love to get more in-depth information what they and how to grow them at home.

For those who are passionate about gardening & healthy food

For the ones, that would like to start earning some money or build a serious business with microgreens and beyond.

For both. If you don’t have any experiences with microgreens, we will teach you from the start. And if you already have some experience in growing, then we will help you and teach you some of our techniques to become better or to scale you business to the next level.
Yes, we’ve released this course in late 2020 and we will update and add new content all the time.
Right after purchasing our course you will get access to the members area, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – lifetime! Our course s hosted on TEACHABLE. Once you are asked for your payment details you also create a login and password automatically with TEACHABLE.
Yes, of course. We will be your support in a private Facebook group, where you can ask us anything.
Yes, this is a one-time payment. No up sales, you get immediate and 100% access to all modules and chapters.
Yes. If you decide to grow microgreens indoor, then the location itself is really not important. And even if you decide to grow microgreens just for yourself, then you can also grow them outdoor (when the temperature is above 15°C) or in some greenhouse. But regardless where you are based, our techniques work for every country or continent!
We know, how much our knowledge is in this course and how much experience we have gathered not just in the field of microgreens but also in a field of becoming an Entrepreneur. That is why we are 100% confident that you will get a lot of useful information, guides and techniques. But if you still think, that this course is not for you we are offering you 30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked!
For home growing, you really don’t need a lot. You need to buy some basic equipment, like seeds and soil, and perhaps some basic tools, but probably you already have some at your home. For the business part, you need some investing capital, as it is with many businesses. And the same is with the microgreen business. You have to buy racks, lights, trays, seeds, growing medium, and some basic tools. But more in deep you will gain in the course.


This online course titled “Microgreens MasterClass by Reactgreen” is for entertainment and educational purposes only. We do not guarantee the outcome of our content as this depends on each individual and the growing technique they are using nor do we claim any benefits or results claimed by other references mentioned in this course.

Who is this course for?

For beginners
For all of you who have heard about microgreens not long ago and would love to discover more in-depth information about microgreens. Weather it would be for your personal home growings or you have light a spark in your head and see the huge potential that microgreens have for people and the whole planet. Microgreens are our future food, that’s for sure. Be on the vagon with the revolution of fresh, quickly grown and nutrient dense food.
For those who have tried and failed
Microgreens by React Green course is a step-by.step process. There are so many tiny things that can separate success from failure, when we are talking about growing living food or business itself. While some courses may share good tips, they can leave you hanging by skipping over other important details.

We have gathered and share all our knowledge transparent, with whom we succeeded in microgreen growings and business and company itself. We know you can feel jaded at this point, weather to invest your money and try. But let me tell you – there is a HUGE potential – and you are just a decision away for being on a side of successful people and in the revolutionary niche. People will need only more and more super fast nutritious food. And you can serve them with your exceptional microgreens and products.

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