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React Green is a company dedicated to microgreens and sprouts who teaches people how to
build their own microgreen business and provides microgreen and sprout products in their own
online store. React Green is also known for its free and valuable content via blog posts. Their
Online course Microgreens MasterClass is very popular for all who want to start their own
journey with microgreens.

“We help people and families to easily grow their own nutritional & health food and to
those who want to become microgreen entrepreneurs.”


We opened our company with microgreens in 2014 and since then we are growing each year.
Not just microgreens but also our whole business 🙂

Saša Kržič and Boštjan Šebenik, a couple from Borovnica, a small town with 5000 citizens in a small European country, called Slovenia. With focus to build our own company, we didn’t even know in what niche we would start it. After a few months of daily research on what we could do, we have found microgreens and since then those have been a priority in our life. Not just that we gain a lot with them from a nutritional aspect , but we also build a 6 figure business with it.

Michelin star chef uses our products

Who we are
Family run business from a small European country, Slovenia. Been in microgreens and edible flowers world from 2014
Our mission
We want to build a community that will grow their own fresh food – microgreens & sprouts – in only a week or so and help them as much as possible. And we want people to enhance their regular food with our extra products, edible flowers. Let’s spice up your plates.
Being the No. 1 microgreen & edible flowers producer in Slovenia. Created an online course – Microgreens Masterclass for all who want to build their own business.

Few years ago we stopped and had a big rethinking, if only growing microgreens is all that we want in our life. And then we set new goals, and one of the major one is to help other people to build their own microgreen business as well. So we create our own online course check it HERE, where we put all our knowledge.

Beside this we wanted to help our customers to provide them with supplies to start growing microgreens, so we established and opened our own online store. So welcome to shop at us and support our small business. Click HERE. You can also check our Slovene website

For our whole journey, you can read our detailed article HERE.

Green growings to everyone!

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