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Huge Benefits Of Microgreens

huge benefits of microgreens

The nutritional potency microgreens have is huge. They are tiny but packed with nutrients.

In the past years, microgreens have become very popular in the gastronomy industry. They quickly became an entire new culinary trend. Chefs all around the world love to use them to make their dish creative and add more flavors to it.

Nevertheless, microgreens are not only for chefs in fancy restaurant. You can also grow them at your home and add them to your daily meals.

Microgreens are delicate and highly flavorful. The variety of flavors go from sweet to savory and spicy. Integrating microgreens into your diet just might be more fun and easier, and they can be added to anything you could think of. Whether salad, soup, burgers; microgreens will make your food and life more enjoyable.

With the knowledge of growing microgreens and a small financial investment, microgreens could not only make a big difference in your kitchen, but also in your community and could provide a step towards nutritional independence.

There are many benefits of microgreens we could talk about. Below we listed three benefits which we think were a decision makers for us to start to grow them. 

colourful plate with microgreens

Healthy poke bowl.

Good for children

If you thought microgreens are meant to be just for adults, then I’m sorry to tell you, you were wrong. Microgreens can be a lot of fun also for children! They connect with nature and can learn a lot about food in general like: where does it come from and how are they grown. It can be fun to make school projects with microgreens where children can easily grow their own microgreens and later on, they can even make their own simple dish from scratch – from seed to pizza. To start microgreens with (your) children you give them an opportunity to get in touch with nature and literally connect them with the earth which can quickly become a project they will love. I still remember, how my daughter’s teacher in kindergarden was happy to hear what we are doing for a living, that she wanted me to introduce and sow some microgreens with the entire class. And they were just 2 years old. But we did it, and they watched and watered them daily, and afterwards, they ate them. How adorable they looked, when eating these lovely microgreens

microgreens in kindergarten

Me at daughter’s kindergarten.

Nutritional independance

Not everyone has a chance to have their own garden in front of their house surrounded with fields. With microgreens you do not need a big outdoor space, you can grow your own microgreens in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. A big plus is also that microgreens don’t care whether it’s winter of summer (almost all of them). They will grow all year-round. Just imagine having fresh greens in the middle of a winter. You harvest microgreens on your own schedule. During the winter months it can be challenging to find fresh local products. With microgreens you won’t have to worry about that, they combine convenience and quality and provide healthy nourishment in our busy lives.


kitchen garden

Urban farming.

Health benefits

There are big benefits of microgreens when it comes to nutrition. Many studies have shown that microgreens contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients than their mature versions. Microgreens are also easy to digest and are a low-calorie addition to any of your meal. They are beneficial for cancer prevention, they are controlling high cholesterol and hearth diseases, supporting the brain function and blood flow to the brain. Health benefits of microgreens do not begin and end with the consumption. Watching your greens grow can be relaxing and when you take care of your microgreens, putting your hands in the soil and spread seeds, you connect with the food you just made and nourished. You become a part of the big picture and connect with your food. The health of your mind must not be overlooked. Being a part of something fundamental such as the life cycle of a plant can give you this opportunity.

To sum up this up, microgreens and just these 3 benefits above are already a good reason to start adding microgreens to your diet. These small nutrient-packed greens can bring you a ton of benefits literally to your table. They are easy to grow, and you are the one who will nourish them so you will know what you eat. They taste great and will also add a flavor and texture to your favorite dishes. They don’t just provide you extra flavor, they also give you a huge boost to your health, more than the regular greens in the same amount. Remember, tiny greens – big benefits!

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