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Are Microgreens A Good And A Profitable Business?

are microgreens a good and a profitable business

You are probably asking yourself are microgreens a good and a profitable business. Well, the simple answer is yes! Whether you are a plumber, a teacher, a rockstar, a developer, an economist, a freelancer, an instagram inluencer, or whatever drives you on a daily basis, it doesn’t matter. Microgreens are a crop that everyone can grow. Our youngest are capable to grow them. I am speaking from my own experience, I also tested this theory with my daughter when she was just two years old. I went to her kindergarten and presented step by step, hot to grow microgreens, to all of her classmates. And you to no surprise, everyone was very excited, and they all came to grow some of their first microgreens. I was super excited at that time. Therefore I am convinced , that growing microgreens wouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Let us first talk a little bit more about microgreens, so that you will get the whole picture of what microgreens are all about. And then you can decide wheather microgreens are a good and a profitable business.

Deep dive into microgreeens

In the early 80’s microgreens began showing up on chef’s plates in San Francisco. Then it spreaded into Southern California in the 90’s, and from there throughout the Unites States. Nowdays, you can see them all around the world. Believe it or not, microgreens became one of the fastest growing ‘niche’ on the food market. You can find them in health food stores, groceries and big supermarket chains, and even on farmers markets.

They can easly be incorporated into any dish and you don’t need to have some special knowledge to do so. You can use several at the same time or choose just one or two flavors and put it as a final touch on your food. You are the creator of your own food. And as you perhaps already know, we don’t eat just with with our hands, but also with our eyes. To have the most ‘eyecatching’ plate in front of you, don’t forget to add your microgreens. I am convinced, that your children also will eat them, even they might not like vegetables in general. We all know how children and their vegetables are. Try it, and you will be surprised. Perhaps you would like to have a special little project with your youngest and will firstly try to sow and wathch them grow together. And afterwords, they will be even more excited to eat them, since they were their own project. We’ve prepared a step by step guidline how to grow your own microgreens in this post.

To warm you up a a little bit more for growing microgreens, I would like to tell you why else microgreens are good.

You can grow them all year long indoors. Just need to find some perfect space in your kitchen or any other place with some daylight.

Living plants around you all day long. Isn’t this exciting?

Fun & easy to grow. You just need to start it and you will see how how easy it is.

Ideal for starting your own (homebased) business. Do you want to leave your 9-5 job and become your own boss? Are you excited about growing plants? Then the microgreen – business is definitely for you.

are microgreens a good and a profitable business
                                                                Me at the farmers market

Are you asking yourself, how to start this business? Have you never started a business on your own? You don’t know what it takes, to start? Then read on. Firstly, let me talk why microgreens are a good and profitable business.

Major benefits, why you really should consider growing microgreens for profit

  • Fast expanding demand

Now more than ever. Microgreens demand is raising in the culinary industry. Not just for fancy restaurants, but also for health stores, grocery stores, home chefs and many more.

  • Fast turnaround time

They can be ready to deliver within 1 – 4 weeks. This depends on different varieties and if you are selling them as linig plants or cutted in clamshells.

  • Added value to existing business (to traditional farm or even non-farm business)

Perhaps you already are earning some money with your home based business (like non-farm businesses of designer, programmer, illustrator, translator, or some farm business like gardener, vegetable farmer, …). With microgreens you can expand your assortiment and earn some ‘side’ money.

  • Low startup investment

To get started the investment is really small, comparing with some other business startings. Get some racks, lights, trays, soil, seeds, spray bottle and you are ready to start. Later on, when you will expand business, your costs will also expand a little bit.

  • Enormous nutritional value

According to a study posted in the journal of the agricultural and food chemistry, microgreens are fully loaded with vitamins and minerals. That said, people are willing to pay a good price for microgreens. Because you will get more for less. So health stores, grocery stores and many others are looking for microgreens.

  • Small growing space

Have free basement or a room in your house, where you could set up some racks? That is already ideal and you don’t need to search any further. If your business will expand later on, you can take some action and look for nearby places/houses. But if you decide that growing microgreens is something for you and you wanted to do this as a full time job, then probably the best option is to find good space from the beginning. Me and my husband were in this position five years ago. We decided to devote our whole time to this business and were convinced, that the right place is somewhere near to us. And so it was.  Just half kilometer a from our home, we noticed a big building, where some business was operating but were closed several years back then. We ask if it’s possible to rent it, and the rest is a history 😉 Perhaps there’s a building close by that you can rent, you never know.

  • Grow indoor – year round crop

This is the best part. If you decide to grow microgreens full time, then this  is excellent news for you. Indoor growing is something that will allow you to grow microgreens all year long. Even during winter time (demand pops up in that time, because people don’t have much in their gardens during winter time.

  • High value

The price that you will get for a standard tray 1020 in a restaurant depends on the area where are you growing, but you should get somewhere from 20 – 30 $ (18€ – 28€). Our size of the big tray, here in Europe is 35 x 50 cm (13,80” x 19,70”). With that being said, microgreens are high value crops.

With all that being said, yes, in our opinion, microgreens are a good and a profitable business. We are now making average 7500€ monthly income.

are microgreens a good and a profitable business

Our first car was quite fast too small for our deliveries.

Key points

Ask yourself. Do you see yourself growing microgreens? Do you think, you can become an enterpreneur? Part time or full time job? Do you have anyone around you (husband/wife, brother, sister, mother, father,…anyone, who can water your microrgeens, when you will take some time off or take a holiday?)?

Dedicate time. If you dive into microgreens, then you will need to plan in advance. Even if you decide to start part time, you will need to dedicate a few hours daily for this part.

Research. Don’t go with micros before you haven’t done enough research of your market. Is there anyone else growing, how many restaurants are in your area (you don’t have to limit yourself just to your near by area, think more broadly), are there any healhy stores around, what about farmers market? Do your research, and you will see how your market is responding on new trends.

Business. Let’s face the truth. Not everybody is ready to start her/his own business. Perhaps you will realize that growing is a piece of cake, but selling them, is another question. Well, in that case you will need to find someone who will help you at this point. Because growing is one part, but selling requires some skills, that not everbody has.

Neverthless, if you aim to become a succesful enterpreneur, microgreens could be your first step towards success. If you would like to gain more knowledge and not struggling with basic steps, systems, tricks, little improvements which can save you a lot of time and effort, then feel free to browse trough our many guides and free content on our site here. And you can contact us anytime.

good and profitable business

Our family.

Want to learn more?

If you have any questions about the information cited in this post or about microgreens in general, please leave a comment below or reach out to us via email hello@reactgreens.com.

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