stl file for 3d printing

STL File for 3D Printing Microgreen Kit

Microgreens and 3D-printing are both getting more and more popular. Why not combine them? Here is how you use your 3D-printer to make a Microgreen Kit to start growing your own superfood at home. I will cover how I started 3D-printing, how I discovered the delicious plants for myself and eventually how it turned into a Microgreens Kit to print at home. So if you want to start with Microgreens this blog post will give you the essentials you need.

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growing microgreens

10 Things You Need To Start Growing Microgreens Like A Professional

Have you already start growing for yourself and your family, but now you have that idea in your mind, to put everything on a higher level and start growing for others also? o start with microgreen farm in your hometown. Then this blog is definitely for you, because here we are listing top 10 things what you need to start growing microgreens like a professional.

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supplies for homegrowing microgreens

A Deeper Look Into The Supplies For Home Grown Microgreens

Let’s take a deeper look into the supplies for home grown microgreens. Now that you have gained some basic information regarding microgreens, you are growing more thrilled, and you believe that a more detailed investigation on supplies for microgreens will be an added value. Let us help you with this!

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are microgreens a good and a profitable business

Are Microgreens A Good And A Profitable Business?

Are microgreens a good and a profitable business? You are probably asking yourself are microgreens a good and a profitable business. Well, the simple answer is yes! Whether you are a plumber, a teacher, a rockstar, a developer, an economist, a freelancer, an instagram inluencer, or whatever drives you on a daily basis, it doesn’t matter.

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