microgreens vs. regular seeds

Microgreen Seeds vs. Regular Seeds. What Are The Differences?

Microgreens are becoming quite popular nowadays because of how people have discovered that they are more nutritious than their seed or full-grown counterparts. That said, many people are now growing their own microgreens at home. But, when you are growing microgreens, do you have to use microgreen seeds? If so, what makes microgreen seeds different from regular seeds, in the first place?

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sulforaphane in broccoli

How to Increase Sulforaphane in Broccoli Sprouts

The best way for you to increase sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts is to heat them under certain conditions or to freeze them. That’s because heating or freezing your broccoli sprouts can help decrease the chances of them producing sulforaphane nitrile instead of sulforaphane.

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bird seds for microgreens

Can You Use Bird Seed for Microgreens? Here’s How To Do It!

Birdseed can be used for microgreens. This, however, is not recommended because of several reasons. Birdseed can at times have additives that are not safe for human consumption. Also, some may contain chemicals or fungicides. The germination rate may also be slow too. Unlike regular food-safe seeds, bird seeds are not tested for pathogens.

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quinoa microgreens

Quinoa microgreens: What Are They and How to Grow Them?

A lot of people have been including quinoa microgreens in their regular diet as they have found out how nutritious these green foods are. In fact, quinoa microgreens have become superb substitutions for other carb-based foods such as rice and corn as they are far more nutritious and a lot healthier than the usual carbs. But what exactly are quinoa microgreens and how do you grow them?

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hemp microgreens

What Are Hemp Microgreens?

Many of us know hemp seeds are superfoods because of how nutritious they are and how they are basically nearly complete in terms of their nutritional profile. But what happens when they begin to sprout? They will turn into what we call hemp microgreens. But what exactly are hemp microgreens?

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