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7 Delicious Microgreen Smoothie Recipes

microgreen smoothie

Imagine, that you would need to eat only one handful of microgreens and it would be like you ate one whole mature red cabbage? Well, it is like this. With tiny, little veggies, called microgreens. Also known as a superfood, microgreens have spread all around the globe, and hopefully you are also the one who is enthusiastic about microgreens and its recipes.

Using microgreens in smoothie is such a great way to boost your daily nutrient intake in a fast way. There are endless smoothie recipes that you can include microgreens. But now let us look into 7 delicious microgreen smoothies that we found interesting and tasty:

  1. Microgreen Fruit Smoothie by A Food Lover’s Life
  2. Sunflower Sprout Smoothie by Alia Dalal
  3. Spring Green Smoothie With Pea Shoots by The Loopy Whisk
  4. Microgreen, mint + mango juice for one by Dolly and Oatmeal
  5. Apple Ginger Beetroot Smoothie by The Kitchen Girl
  6. Mixed Berries & Pea Shoot Smoothie by Food Pleasure and Health
  7. Vegan Broccoli Sprout Smoothie by Clean Eating Kitchen

That green colour…

When I prepare myself a green smoothie, I always feel like I am drinking chlorophyll. I have a  feeling, like my blood is turning into green instead of red colour. It’s just that good feeling, and that is the reason no. 1 why me and my family are drinking really a lot of smoothies. And adding microgreens into them is also rule no.1. This is really a great opportunity for all of you that are struggling with your kids, if they don’t want to eat veggies. I can not emphasize enough how much benefits microgreens have. You can read it here more on this theme.

microgreen smoothie

We really love green smoothies.

Healthy and happy children and always in front of me and my husband. That is why we are always enriching our smoothies with our lovely homegrown microgreens. Learn more on how to grow them here.

Another thing why I really love smoothies is it’s prep time. Few minutes and it’s ready. Plus you can ‘clean’ your refrigerator (or kitchen deck, depending on where you are storing your fruit). You can use some already well ripe fruit which you probably will not eat with the same enthusiasm as you would then drink a smoothie. Now let’s start…

  1. Microgreen Fruit Smoothie by A Food Lover’s Life

The basic veggie – fruit smoothie, with banana as main fruit ingredient, vegan milk and microgreens of your choice. I would go with the mild tastes, like broccoli, kale or some kohlrabi will also be good.

2. Sunflower Sprout Smoothie by Alia Dalal

Sunflowers or so called sunnies have such an exceptional taste that each smoothie that you create and prepare with them will be a beading to your body and soul. For even more green colour Alia had also spinach and both two ingredients with banana and apple did perform into a very tasty smoothie.

microgreen smoothie

Sunflower Sprout Smoothie by Alia Dalal

3. Spring Green Smoothie With Pea Shoots by The Loopy Whisk

Another green beauty is filled with pea microgreens, wheatgrass powder and maca powder. So if you wanna feel like a superhero on this special day, then yes, grab this recipe and make it to lift you as soon as possible.

4. Microgreen, mint + mango juice for one by Dolly and Oatmeal

This one’s for the ones who need to refresh and clear their mind. Fresh mango, mint and ginger are here the leading ingredients. With adding some microgreens, your juice will be even more nutritious as without.

microgreen smoothie

Microgreen, Mint + Mango Juice For One by Dolly and Outmeal

5. Apple Ginger Beetroot Smoothie by The Kitchen Girl

Screaming red colour of this beetroot smoothie is really tempting to try it out. With adding some sunflower microgreens and ginger, it will be a little bit more ‘generous’ taste.

microgreen smoothie

Apple Ginger Beetroot Smoothie by The Kitchen Girl

6. Mixed Berries & Pea Shoot Smoothie by Food Pleasure and Health

If you are a sport enthusiast, then this one is definitely for you. You will get a big flush of protein with this smoothie. So make one and enjoy!

microgreen smoothie

Mixed Berries & Pea Shoot Smoothie by Food Pleasure and Health

7. Vegan Broccoli Sprout Smoothie by Clean Eating Kitchen

Are you feeling like you need a boost of some more sweet food? I have to tell you, that this one will definitely work for that purpose. Cocoa and dates are definitely the ingredients you want for your smoothie to be more sweet and have that ‘chocolate’ feeling.

microgreen smoothie

Vegan Broccoli Sprout Smoothie by Clean Eating Kitchen

History of Smoothie

Those recipes are also a great idea if you are in a hurry and would like to eat more healthy. I have researched a little bit, and did you know that the term ‘smoothie’ is with us from 1930, associated with the invention of the electric blender. Before that, milkshakes were already present, but electric blenders have definitely shaken the world. They were able to blend vegetables and fruits into the iconic blended beverage that we know today.

How to prepare it?

I would always recommend preparing and drinking smoothies as fresh as possible. All you need is a little bit better blender, like this one from Amazon (US, Germany, UK) and some basic ingredients. First of all you need some fruit. Banana is really a neutral base and I think with this you can add whatever, also green vegetables and the taste will be good. If you decide to go with more different fruits in one smoothie, then it would be wise to look up for which fruit is compatible and which not. Sweet + middle sweet fruit (e.g. banana + apple) goes really well together, while for sweet and sour fruit (banana + kiwi) it is better to avoid this combination. You will do a favor to your stomach.

microgreen smoothie

Smoothie Preparation

Then you will need some liquid. We often use only spring water, but sometimes it tastes better if you use some plant-based milk. We love oat or rice milk. Then you can play around and add some green or non-starchy vegetables. Microgreens are a perfect match for that. Just pick your favorite one. I would recommend using basic varieties, because firstly you will grow it in a week or so, they taste fabulous and the growing process is easy enough. Start with sunflowers, look up here how to grow them, broccoli, kale, red cabbage, kohlrabi, lettuce, beet, pea, …

You can go also with some superfood powders to add extra nutrients or just to enhance the colour of the smoothie. To enhance the flavour, you can add some coconut or other plant-based yogurt. You can ship nuts, but some people just cannot resist adding some or seeds like chia, flax seeds, …

Additional ingredients can also be cocoa powder, for sweetener you can use all sorts or syrupes (maple, agave, honey, …) or simply add a few dates and your palates will say thank you.


Don’t be bothered too much about what goes well together, just start and mix some for yourself and then you will find your favorite ones. But don’t stay only with one recipe or two. It’s always good and interesting to experiment and try new flavours. Just don’t forget the microgreens.

Want to learn more?

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