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Where To Use Microgreens? The 8 Most Inspiring Ideas

where to use microgreens?

With microgreens there is just one rule – use them without limits.

You can use microgreens in every dish you desire. For breakfast, dinner or lunch. In a cocktail, dessert or on a bread. You can set your imagination free.

Here are the 8 most common ideas how you can use microgreens.

  1. Salads

Salads are a great option when it comes to microgreens. You will go to the next level when you add your favourite microgreens to a salad, some vinegar and a few drops of pumpkin oil. The intense flavour that microgreens add to a salad will make you a salad lover! This could be a rainbow salad, spring salad or your very own special one.

huge benefits of microgreens

Colourful salad with microgreens.

  1. Burgers

You never thought a burger can include microgreens, right? Instead of regular green lettuce for that extra crunchy feeling, try adding your microgreens. It does not only ad a perfect flavour to it but it also looks very stylish. When our friend Luka holds a birthday party in his garden, he always prepares his burgers with microgreens of course. Or should we say, microgreens with burger 😉

hamburger with microgreens

Homemade vegan burger.

  1. Gin

Summertime has ended and autumn is finally here. With seasons changing of course there are also lower temperatures outside. Luckily, gin is popular in every season – warm or ice cold. So why not experiment a little with your microgreens. With a little bit of nostalgia you can make your favourite summer cocktail. You can combine gin, lemon juice and rosemary syrup, add some ice, shake it and add club soda. As a cherry on top comes microgreen garnish together with a rosemary. 

Or add lemon balm to gin-tonic. This two are really compatible, lemon aroma and taste of the lemon balm is just perfect for this drink.


Gin tonic with lemon balm. Just a perfect combination.

  1. Starters

Microgreens are perfect for »that little extra« surprise when it comes to starters. Let your imagination run free as you can add everything you like to your little cold or warm toasts. We guarantee your friends will love it. When we first introduced microgreens to our friends, we put living microgreens on the table, put scissors right next to them and told them to cut as much as they needed. It’s funny to see how they handled them, but we were very happy to see, that everybody loved them as much as we put our love into growing them.


Home snacks with lots of microgreens.

  1. Smoothies

What better and healthier way to start your day! Smoothies are also a great way to blend your microgreens in. Wheatgrass and broccoli are especially popular for smoothies since they contain a lot of vitamins. All mild flavours are suitable for smoothies (like sunflower, kale, kohlrabi, pea, coriander – if you love its strong taste). I will also give you a little hint, when it comes to children and vegetables. If they don’t want to eat vegetables, then microgreens are perfect for that. Just put a hand of them into a smoothie, and I guarantee you, that they won’t even know, what they are drinking. Sneaky, I know but definitely a way to have your children eat more vegetables.

  1. Pesto

Everybody knows pesto, right? It is a very popular Italian sauce, originally made for pasta. You can also use it as a dressing for a salad or put it in your sandwich, tortillia etc. Pea, basil or even sunflower pesto are a way to go. You can then spread it onto your whole grain bread. And don’t forget to put some fresh ones on top 😉

smoothie with microgreens


7. Soups

Another way to blend your microgreens, is into a soup. It is easy and fast and has plenty of health benefits. There are thousands of recepies of soups containing microgreens.  Decide which microgreens you want to add to your favourite soup and voila – a warm lunch or dinner is ready.

soup with microgreens

Soup with microgreens and edible primroses from one of our chef.


Carrot soup from Laura, A beautiful plate,

  1. Sandwiches, wraps, sushi

For a crunchy feeling and great taste, microgreens are a good thing to add to your sandwich, tortilla, wraps or sushi. You can also add microgreens to a pizza for additional taste.


Rainbow Hummus & Avocado Collard wraps, from Lauren, from Flora & Vino,

where to use microgreens

Don’t forget to top up your pizza with microgreens.

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