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reuse microgreen soil
Can You Reuse Microgreen Soil?

In several years of growing these beautiful microgreens for us and other customers, we have seen the best results with changing soil each growing cycle. But, nevertheless, if you are home growing enthusiast, you can test it by yourself and you might see some spectacular results.

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why sprouts are healthy
Why Are Sprouts So Healthy?

Now let us dive more in depth also with sprouts. Sprouts are those young plants that are germinated from seeds, legumes, and grains. We were really surprised from the start, how easy and fast they can be grown.

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what are the best seeds
What Are The Best Seeds For Growing Microgreens?

We are in the microgreens business long enough that we know how important it is that we choose the right variety. We are growing over 50 varieties and through the years of experience and all of the feedback from our customers we know which are the perfect ones.

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Do Microgreens Regrow After Cutting?
Do Microgreens Regrow After Cutting?

Since more and more people are growing microgreens, many questions start to pop up in the people’s head. And one very common is, if the microgreens regrow after cutting? I totally understand that we all would like to have several batches from one sowing, but let me go more in detail further in the content.

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Coconut growing medium
Coconut Growing Medium: How Do Microgreens Grow On It?

Coconut coir is coconut plant fiber growing medium which is entirely made out of coconut husks, this is a feasible solution for growing your Microgreens.
Most people choose Coconut coir for growing Microgreens because it is an organic medium. Who doesn’t love organically grown Microgreens? Coco coir is easily available in the market at affordable prices and easy to use as well.

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How to Safely Grow Microgreens?
How to Safely Grow Microgreens?

Microgreens nowadays are really super popular. And by that I don’t mean that they are or they will be just one-day fly, but now that they have been discovered, they will be with us for centuries. Among that goes the safety of the growing and that the end result will be healthy microgreens. Since this is also our number one rule, we will help you discover this topic.

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soil or hydroponic
How To Grow Microgreens: On Soil Or Hydroponic?

When you start to know microgreens, and dig more deep on how to grow them, one of the most common questions that we get is how to grow microgreens: on soil or hydroponic? In this blog post we will try to answer the question and make a comparison between both.

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growing microgreens
10 Things You Need To Start Growing Microgreens Like A Professional

Have you already start growing for yourself and your family, but now you have that idea in your mind, to put everything on a higher level and start growing for others also? o start with microgreen farm in your hometown. Then this blog is definitely for you, because here we are listing top 10 things what you need to start growing microgreens like a professional.

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supplies for homegrowing microgreens
A Deeper Look Into The Supplies For Home Grown Microgreens

Let’s take a deeper look into the supplies for home grown microgreens. Now that you have gained some basic information regarding microgreens, you are growing more thrilled, and you believe that a more detailed investigation on supplies for microgreens will be an added value. Let us help you with this!

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microgreens and impact of coronavirus time
Microgreens And Impact Of Coronavirus Time

Is your business also affected during this Coronavirus crisis? We would like to share our story, how this is impacting us and our business. Firstly we would like to sum up how everything started, and then how we reacted. Hopefully you will be motivated and inspired, at the end of the blog post. Now, let’s get started.

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